Casa Xanadú, Granada.

Live in Xanadu Houses unforgettable


Customer Relations/Reservations: Mercedes Vega (505) 85654887.   email:

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Services Offered

The Casa Xanadú design is ideal for families with children, -Airport Pick up -Tour From our hotel -Breakfast, Dinner, Laundry. – 5 minutes from Nicaragua lake. -Pool Wide for guests. – A/C, TV/HD, Netflix. -Available: In house Spa for Shiatsu massage and facials

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Many people wonder why ‘Xanadu’? In the latter part of the 13th century Marco Polo, returning from a trip to China, he wrote an amazing palace owned by Kublai Khan, son of Genghis Khan. The palace was located in Shangdu, southern China and was so magnificent with its gardens, lakes, streams, streets and palaces that

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